Tambourine -- this is super late...but I had been planning on reopening, but I got discouraged. lost the help I thought I was going to have
Guar -- are we reopening????
Guar -- are we reopening????
Guar -- I just jumped back in to grab stuff to apply for another site but
Raven -- I AM SORRY that I vanished tam (skype, was being weird on my phone, had to get rid of it because something about people hacking it O_o" and I was like ???) soRry sad.gif sad.gif
Silverfox -- Among other characters I think moving Xavier was one and the bunny twins
Silverfox -- I was here before.. I played x23.
Tambourine -- Do we know each other o_O
Silverfox -- nice to see you again tam
Silverfox -- i'm back