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» Marvel Canon-list, Canon Availability & Reservations
 Posted: Mar 7 2014, 12:29 AM
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Welcome to our canon list. Obviously there are too many names in the (X-men) marvel universe to be listed here entirely so we are not even going to try. Instead we have set it up this way and I hope that it is understandable for everybody. Please remember that if you are interested in a canon you must reserve them before you post your application. This saves us having to chase after anybody.

Below is the code that you need to fill out to officially reserve your desired canon. Keep in mind that there is generally a seven day time limit on reservations; meaning by the end of the seventh day you need to have your application completed otherwise the canon goes back up for grabs. If for reason you are not going to make your dead line, please contact one of the admins so that we may be informed and can extend your reservation. We ask that you, please, do not abuse this consideration.

Thank you and hope to be posting with you soon!

Please fill this out entirely, in all CAPS, thank you! (P.S. Do not forget to remove the asterisks (AKA, this thing *) and for the lack of confusion, please add two lines where it says 'return twice'.
[color=6a2a2a]I, [b]ALIAS[/b], would like to reserve [b]CANON NAME [/b] until [b]THE DATE 7 DAYS FROM NOW [/b][/color] >>>>RETURN TWICE<<<<< [code*]<FONT color=6a2a2a>I, <B>ALIAS</B>, would like to reserve <B>CANON NAME</B> until <B>THE DATE 7 DAYS FROM NOW</B></FONT>[/*code]

Current reservations are listed here.

It happens that some members have to take their leave at times, leaving canons homeless. Although we try to clean out their posts and give them the cleanest slate we can, sometimes it just is not possible to wipe it completely clean. Below is a list of canons that may have one or two threads there were not able to be removed. Do not let that scare you away! Just PM Tambourine and she would be happy to inform you of what is going on with the character.

This is our list of canons who are currently in play.
  • [x] POLARIS; DANE, lorna
  • [x] WOLVERINE; HOWLETT, logan

    These are to be used by staff when updating the list.

    [<FONT COLOR=F61E4F>x</FONT>]
    [<FONT COLOR=005b7f>x</FONT>]
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