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» Code of Conduct, How Students Should Act & Penalties
 Posted: Mar 6 2014, 07:51 PM
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A list of school and class rules and the consequences of breaking them. Keep in mind that while your character may still feel compelled to break school rules, their headmaster is the most powerful telepath in the world. Chances of them getting caught are higher than you'd expect.


  • 1. Respect curfew. Curfew is set at (10:00pm) Sunday-Thursday, and (12:00am) on Friday and Saturday. Students are not allowed outside of school grounds past curfew unless given permission by a member of the faculty. Any student caught breaking curfew will receive extra chores*. More severe punishments follow if breaking curfew becomes a habit.
  • 2. Respect school boundaries. Certain areas of campus are off-limits to students without permission or accompaniment by an authorized staff member. Any student caught in the “off-limits” parts of campus will receive a week’s worth of detention and extra chores.
  • 3. No drugs/alcohol on the premises at any time. No exceptions, and this includes cigarettes. Punishment for possession of contraband is a meeting with Professor Xavier and short-term suspension** from school activities (under 10 days).
  • 4. No elicit conduct.
    • a. Inappropriate displays of affection. We all know what this means. If caught participating in anything deemed inappropriate, punishments include a week or more of detention and extra chores.
    • b. Sexual Harassment. Under no circumstances should a student be made to feel threatened or uncomfortable. If caught harassing another student, one faces a particularly unpleasant meeting with the Professor and suspension (short or long term, depending on severity of the crime).
    • c. Indecency. Engaging in conduct that is contrary to commonly recognized standards of decency and behavior, which includes indecent exposure or the use of language in verbal or written form, or in pictures, caricatures or gestures, which are offensive to the general standards of propriety will not be tolerated. Punishments for breaking this rule include a week of detention/suspension plus extra chores.
  • 5. No fighting. While the Institute offers combat classes, under no circumstances should there ever be fighting or use of powers with violent intent outside of official courses. Instigating violence against another student will be handled on a case by case basis, punishments varying from extra chores to expulsion.
  • 6. Weapons are prohibited outside of designated practice areas. If found carrying any sort of weapon outside of said designated areas, the weapon will be immediately confiscated and the student will receive a week or more of detention and extra chores.
  • 7. No profanity. Use of foul language is not permitted in the Xavier Institute. Students caught using excessive swearing will receive extra chores.
  • 8. Stay on school grounds While students are allowed to have vehicles on campus, they are not allowed to venture off school grounds without permission from a faculty member and most likely adult supervision. Venturing off of school grounds without permission will amount to over a week of detention and extra chores.
  • 9. No property damage. Breaking or damaging any school property will result in the student having to pay for whatever he or she has broken. If unable to pay to replace or repair the property, the student must partake in enough extra chores to pay Xavier back in labor for the damages.


  • 1. Arrive on time. Tardiness will be handled on the three-strike policy. First is a warning, second merits a detention, and a third brings about a meeting with Professor Xavier and extra chores.
  • 2. Be polite and courteous Raise your hands during discussions, respect both your fellow classmates and your professor by listening attentively and not causing a distraction. Penalties for breaking this rule vary from classroom to classroom, but most agree on a detention and/or extra chores to be sufficient punishment.
  • 3. Hand in your assignments punctually. Due dates are set with student schedules in mind—there is no viable excuse save for a death in the family or a school emergency that would prevent a student from completing his or her work on time. This rule is also handled on the same three-strike policy as rule one.
  • 4. Avoid academic misconduct. Students enrolled in the Institute are expected to maintain a GPA of 2.5. Should a student drop below a 2.5, they will be put on academic probation, in which they have one semester to improve their GPA or risk penalty.
*Extra Chores include but are not limited to:
  • Mucking out stalls/helping around the stables
  • Cooking/Serving/Cleaning dishes with the kitchen staff
  • Sanitizing bathrooms with janitorial staff
  • Helping with general maintenance around the school.
**Suspensions: A student who is suspended from school loses the rights and privileges of attending school and will not be allowed to practice, participate in, or attend any school activity, regardless of location. Students are also not allowed to leave the mansion during a suspension sentence, and must remain indoors until suspension is complete.

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