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» Form and Brief Instructions
 Posted: Apr 1 2014, 12:11 AM
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To be decided.
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Just a few simple instructions to follow when using this board just to help keep things organized.
    01. Please mark your threads as 'Incoming' or 'Outgoing' in your Topic Description.
    02. For incoming mail, please fill out the brief form below.
    03. Mail can sit in the mail room for as long IC but please post to confirm that your character picks it up. This can be done IC if you would like but is not mandatory.
Incoming Mail Form:

To: Who the item is form
From: Who the item is from
Package/Envelop Size: The size of the incoming mail
Contents: What is inside
Special Instructions/Other: Any special instructions that might have been included or any other details that you would like to add (appearance, etc)


[b]Package/Envelop Size:[/b]
[b]Special Instructions/Other:[/b]
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