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May 19 2014, 07:24 AM
I'M NOT GONE. JUST FYI. You might think I've vanished, but I haven't; I'm around fairly frequently, it's just that I can only stalk at certain times and those times translate to ungodly hours of the morning for everyone in every country except Australia.

…sucks. Yeah.

But okay, just writing this quick, because the last few days have been hectic and the next few will be worse. I'm on work experience, which involves staying with Internet-less relatives, and this work experience is followed by an exam, an essay, and multiple assignments due (along with a possible math test - I'm trying not to think about it). So yeah, I'll be no where near a device of any kind in any hour in which anyone except for those of us in the land down under might be alive (and even for Australians it'll be late, nothing I can do about that) since I'm working for the week (in a real actual office, go me), and even then I'll only be able to stalk and not write. Feel free to drop your threads to any of my babies to the bottom of your priorities, and I'm really super duper sorry for any delay Erik's absence might have on the SWP - I think I get a little downtime on Wednesday, so I'll write with him then to push things forward (the next bit of plot is going to be awesome, I promise you). I will, however, continue to stalk, which is more than I can say for my other site, and I will feverishly check my PMs, so message me for any info, questions, confirmations, if you wanna chat or don't want to bug tamsy because she's amazingly awesome and probably very busy right now and I will get back to you, it'll probably just be once you log off ready for when you get back on the next day… can't help it, really, but I miss you guys, so random PMs are seriously appreciated.

Wish me luck for my exam (it's a flute thing, nerves are killing me), pretty please, and then for my assignments too, and I'll be back and positing before we all know it!

Love love love,
Sneaky Pickle laugh.gif
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