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Apr 19 2014, 01:53 AM

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Alias: Tambourine (gave up counting)


Nickname(s): Logan, Canuck, Wolvie (if you dare), Weapon X (if you wanna die)
Date of Birth: Unknown (uses October 7th)
Age: Exact age unknown...very old...
Occupation: X-man, Instructor at the Institute (Combat and Survival Training)
Financial Status: Comfortable
Notable Possessions: His Harley
Canon or Original: Canon
Play-by: Hugh Jackman
Faction: X-men


Power: Wolverine’s primary mutant power is his healing factor which affords him an accelerated regeneration of damaged or destroyed tissues that is far beyond standard capabilities. He can survive from serious, even fatal, physical trauma without requiring medical help. Minor cuts and bruises disappear within seconds while more serious wounds (such as gashes, stabs, broken bones) can heal between minutes and a couple hours. Even if his body dies, his power may still repair the damage and bring him back to life. It is theorized that the only way to actually kill Logan is to decapitate him and remove his head from the vicinity of his body (good luck trying, folks).

This ability also makes him extremely resistant to disease, drugs, and toxins. If dosed in massive quantities, he can suffer the immediate effects of such substances but to incapacitate him one would need to pump him with large amounts of powerful drugs or toxins into him continuously. Also because of his healing factor, his aging process has been dramatically slowed, giving him a lifespan beyond that of a normal human. Though he had been born late in the 19th century, he still has the appearance, strength, and vigor of a man in his physical prime. It is yet unknown how greatly his life expectancy will be extended.

A number of his physical attributes are increased by his healing factor. His stamina is heightened to the point that he can exert himself for hours without rest. His agility and reflexes are enhanced beyond that of the best human athlete. And he can push his muscles beyond bodily limits without injury. All this, coupled with the constant demand of lugging around over a hundred pounds of adamantium, grants him some degree of superhuman strength and because of the adamantium negating the natural structural limits of his bones he can life or move weight that otherwise damage the skeleton.

Even though his body heals at an alarming rate, his body’s ability to feel pain is not suppressed. He often has to work himself up to go into situations where he knows he will experience extreme pain. Logan admits that he may feel phantom pains after healing injuries for weeks or even months. Lodging an object made of cabonadium in Logan’s body will dramatically suppress the efficiency of his healing powers. It is also noteworthy to add that Wolverine needs to consume large amounts of protein in order to regenerate tissue; if he is seriously injured while malnourished, his body might not be able to repair itself.

Wolverine’s mutation, secondarily, includes animal-like adaptations including sharp, fang-like canines and three retractable claws that are housed within each of his forearms and appear between each knuckle when unleashed. His hands do not have openings in which his claws can move through but cut through his flesh every time he reveals them – he has often implied that there is a brief moment of pain every time his claws are unsheathed. The claws are not made of keratin like they tend to be in the animal kingdom, but are extremely dense bone.

His sense of sight, smell and hearing are superhumanly acute. He can see with perfect clarify for great distances, even in nearly complete darkness. His hearing is enhanced similarly and he can hear sounds ordinarily out of humans’ range and at greater distances. His awesome sense of smell can be used to track targets even if the scent has been eroded.

During one occasion in his past, his entire skeleton and claws were molecularly infused with adamantium. Due to the coating, his claws can cut through almost any known material (depending on the force he can exert and the thickness). The only exceptions to this is adamantium itself and Captain America’s shield which is a proto-adamantium-vibranium alloy; though vibranium alone is not comparable with adamantium. His claws can also be used to block attacks and projectiles and to dig into surfaces to climb structures. The adamantium weights his blows, increasing offensive effectiveness.

His adamantium skeleton, however, does make him highly susceptible to magnetic-based attacks. He has to work very hard to stay afloat in water because of his increased weight. And his body has to work constantly to ward off the adamantium poisoning so it does not kill him.
Weapons/Equipment: His whole body is a weapon…but seriously, he has been trained in firearms and bladed weapons, but is partial to the latter.
  • Master of virtually all forms of martial arts/fighting styles
  • Proficient in most weaponry (partial to bladed weapons), vehicles, explosives, and computer systems
  • Pilot
  • Espionage, covert operations, assassination
  • Tracking and wilderness survival
  • Fluent in English, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Chinese, Cheyenne, and Lakota
  • Some knowledge of French, Thai, and Vietnamese
    Intelligence: 3
    Strength: 5
    Durability: 5
    Speed: 3
    Agility: 4
    Stamina: 5
    Balance: 4
    Dexterity/Coordination: 4
    Energy Projection: 1
    Fighting Skills: 7

Height: 6'2
Weight: 195 pounds without adamantium skeleton and 300 pounds with
Hair Color and Style: Black and worn in his trademark style resembling animal ears
Eye Color: Blue
Clothing/Style: Jeans, wife beaters, flannels, shit-kicker boots, cowboy hat, old leather jacket
Overall Appearance: Logan is a tall but powerful figure. He holds himself with confidence and gives off an impression of being unmovable (a testament to his stubborn personality no-doubt). His has prominent facial features and a strong jaw adorned by a mutton chop sideburns; it is very normal for Logan to sport scruff, not given to regular shaving habits. His expressions are commonly cold or harsh, if not calculative and sometimes hold qualities that can only be described as wild or untamable. Generally he is very intimidating, especially when he is glaring at you with those very blue eyes of his. If you are around him long enough you might even get the signature one raised eyebrow look.

His hair is black and disheveled; seeming permanently stuck in an odd style that very much resembles two animal-like ears atop his head. Where it might seem ridiculous on anyone else, it rather suits Logan. He also is known for his animal-like canines, longer and sharper than average, very much resembling fangs. And, of course, there are the three adamantium coated claws that appear between knuckles on each hand, disappearing and stored in his forearms when not in use. Both physical attributes make a lot of sense when considering the feral nature of his mutation.

His choice of attire could be described as simple or a workman’s rustic: jeans, wife beater, shirt, boots, cowboy hat. His choice of shirts depends on only a few variables: plaid, flannel, collared, and if it is a t-shirt it is always plain and never bright. His wardrobe only includes one kind of shoe and two pairs in total, boots – riding boots and shit-kicker cowboy boots (which is almost always accompanied by his cowboy hat). See, easy! Save for, maybe, his affinity for overly large belt buckles....

P. E R S O N A L I T Y

Favorite Color: Black
    01. Cigars
    02. Motorcycles
    03. Women (especially redheads)
    04. Alcohol
    05. Japanese Culture
    06. Fighting
    07. Solitude
    08. Wilderness
    09. Cold Beer (it’s different! Get over it)
    10. Calling people ‘Bub’
    11. People who know when to shut up
    12. Dogs
    13. Loyalty
    14. Meat
    15. Working with his hands
    01. Pink
    02. The kids’ hip hop music crap
    03. Following orders
    04. Lacking memories from his past
    05. Whining/Cry Babies
    06. Cities
    07. Sabertooth
    08. Metal detectors (and thusly airport security)
    09. Being Short
    10. Short jokes
    11. People who /don’t/ shut up
    12. Turncoats and Traitors
    13. Babysitting
    14. Overwhelming smells and noise
    15. Know-it-alls
    01. Quick temper
    02. Running off when the whim takes him
    03. Can be rude and confrontational
    04. Does not trust easily or quickly
    05. Cannot remember much of his past
    01. Smoking
    02. Drinking
    03. Cursing
    01. Never dying
    02. Not protecting (or hurting) the people he cares about
    03. The memories he cannot remember (actually remembering them as much as never unlocking them)
    04. His instincts overpowering him
    01. Dying
    02. Finding out the truth about his past
    03. To be tall (like that handsome Hugh Jackman guy!)
Overall Personality: Logan is known to be a gruff loner, often disappearing for weeks at a time without a word to anyone, and seen by most to be cold and emotionally distant. He has a rough exterior, but Logan does feel things just like everybody else; he just has his own way of showing them that perhaps some might not understand. He has an immense sense of honor and is very brave and noble, despite being hard-headed and occasionally smart mouthed.

The most savage of the X-men and possibly the most dangerous (he doesn’t mind dealing with his enemies on a permanent basis for the greater good), Logan is very intimidating. He harbors great anger and is quick to lose his temper, even flying into a rage at the drop of a hat. Irreverent and rebellious against authority figures, he can be very rude and confrontational, having no qualms about picking a fight. He will cooperate for the good of all, yet that does not mean he will always like it (or that he will not let you know so). Yet his reliability as an ally has never fallen into question - he is for Chuck and his X-men - even if he likes to voice his disrespect, at times just to get a rise out of certain teammates.

Trust does not come easy for him and it often takes a long time for him to warm up even to the people he is around the most. However, once you have his trust his loyalty is near unshakable. As much as he might be open to disagreeing with his friends, he cares just as much if not more for them, willing to put his life on the line for their sakes, no matter the situation or cost. He has also been know, at times, to be seen as a father figure to some though he has had quite a longstanding record of bad luck when it comes to love (let’s just say that most of his love interests end up dead).

Although he has honed his instincts for over a century of life and they have served him well, he often finds himself harboring a strong distaste for how they work and what they make him. He is afraid of the danger of them overpowering him, of what might happen if he lost control. On top of that, some of the memories that have been uncovered over the years have unnerved him greatly. He comes to accept them, but he is not proud of a lot of the things he has learned he has done. Yet that will not stop him from searching for the answers.


Parents: John Howlett II and Elizabeth Howlett (deceased)
Siblings: John Howlett III (deceased)
Other Relations: John Howlett (grandfather – deceased)
Companion: None
Overall History: Born in Alberta, Canada in the late 1880’s to rich farm owners (John and Elizabeth Howlett), Logan (then known as James) was a sickly child suffering from allergies and bad asthma. He grew up playing with a young girl named Rose and Dog, the son of the groundskeeper – Thomas Logan.. However, after violent actions are committed by his son, Thomas Logan is thrown off the property. He soon returned to the manor to take James’ mother and murdered his father in cold blood right in front of him. The traumatic event triggered his mutant ability and he killed Thomas Logan with bone claws that emerged from the back of his hands.

James was cast out by his mother – who then killed herself – and he and Rose fled to a mining colony in the Yukon Territory where he took the name ‘Logan’ and they lived under the guise of cousins. There he grew into manhood, well liked and respected and strong, learning to commune with nature when he needed. When Rose falls in love with the foreman (Logan’s father figure) and they plan to leave the colony to start a new life, Dog reappears in their lives. During the fight between Logan and Dog, Rose gets between them and is run through by Logan’s claws. Logan left the colony to live for a time in the wilderness, finding comfort amongst the wolves.

After that he spent time residing with the Blackfoot people, falling in love with a woman named Silver Fox. After she is apparently murdered by Sabertooth, he is ushered into World War I before setting in Japan for a time. From here he has memories of being a Samurai in Japan (and a woman named Itsu). Then in World War II he teamed up with Captain America. He then served on the 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion during D-Day, then was with the CIA, before being captured by Dr. Cornelius and the Weapon X program.

It was during this imprisonment that he was experimented on, memories implanted in his mind and the unbreakable adamantium was forcibly bonded to his bones. He was able to escape this time also and was discovered by James and Heather Hudson who helped him recover his humanity. Following his recovery, he takes up working for an intelligence operative for the Canadian government, this time under Department H. He takes on the name Wolverine and becomes Canada’s first superhero and a part of a team called Alpha Flight.

A mission took him to Japan where he met and fell in love with the woman Mariko. Her father disapproved and during an unfair duel Logan was humiliated in front of Mariko. However, after events lead to her father’s death, she inherited her father’s prominent position and they were engaged to be married. Sadly, a few weeks later, Mariko was poisoned by an assassin. Instead of her having a long, painful death, Logan agreed to

Some years later, he was approached by Professor Charles Xavier with an invitation to join his team of X-men. Much to the surprise of his teammates, he accepted the offer and left Alpha Flight. He has been with the X-men ever since. He frequently takes long trips away from the mansion for his own reasons but never expresses a desire to leave permanently and always returns.

W.R I T I N G...S.A M P L E

The motorcycle speeds along at a good velocity, the engine growling fiercely like the animal astride it. It had been awhile since he had been home, but everything seems familiar as he rides up the road towards the mansion, the wind against his face and bringing with it smells recognizable and new. As much as the place had come to feel like home (he would never admit it) there is always that out of place feeling that creeps in on him every now and then, making the call for freedom too irresistible. This time, though, a personal matter had come up about the same time, giving him additional reason for taking off. About the only one who had gotten a proper warning was Chuck, leaving the man the task of informing everyone that their combat instructor had once again taken off without saying good-bye. They’re big boys and girls; they can handle it.

Logan is greeted by the gate and he halts to put in his security code, the Harley chugging with impatient life. Cheekily he gives a short wave at the camera, and subsequently whoever is monitoring the feed, that whines while pivoting to focus on him. There is a click as the high-tech locking device unlocks and then a hum of mechanics and hydraulics as the fancy iron entry swings steadily inward. He waits only until the opening is wide enough for him to fit through before he leaves off the break and clutch, accelerating up the driveway – this time at a more reasonable pace as the scents of the children become more and more distinct, reminding him he is on the school’s grounds again.

He had noticed the Professor, sitting in the lawn waiting for him, from a long ways off and so chooses to park his bike at the peak of the loop in front of the building’s main entrance for now instead of taking it straight to the garage. He holds off on addressing the man until he leans his motorcycle on his kickstand and hangs his helmet on the mirror. “You make a great lawn ornament, Chuck,” he jabs, friendly banner, typical Wolverine style. The smell of fresh cut grass and he can hear the commercial grade lawnmower working meticulously straight lines across the yards.

He steps off the vehicle, the vibrations from the bike still thrumming in his hands, feet, and up legs as he strides purposefully towards the man in the wheelchair. Stopping in front of him he makes eye contact, his expression not quite as harsh directed at the Professor as it might be towards others and even a small smile quirking one wide side of his mouth. “Waiting on me is probably not the most informed decision, friend.” Though he is sure that his good friend would know if the Wolverine were not planning on showing up; the guy is kind of good at that, n a creepy sort of way.
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